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Strengthening youth employability skills



through technology

YouthLinks, a global virtual platform, uses mobile technology to develop young people’s employability skills.

About the platform

Based on Facebook Workplace, the Youthlinks platform digitally connects young people (16-25 years old) and mentors from the corporate sphere, various institutions and other partner countries to multiply and strengthen the effect of mentoring programs.


The digital connection offers flexibility in terms of time, overcomes geographical barriers and allows mentors to support more young people.

The Youthlinks platform also serves as an information center where young people can find materials and tools to better prepare for entering the labor market.

Lack of support networks leads to lack of employment 

Youthlinks: Welcome

The risk of social exclusion and inability to find work is extremely high for young people leaving alternative care. They cannot count on a supportive environment from family and relatives, they often do not have access to positive role models, they lack opportunities to develop skills and gain work experience. As a result, they face a higher risk of not being able to find suitable work, often entering gray employment or living in poverty.  


Mentoring programs are a good opportunity for young care leavers to get the right guidance and increase their employability, but they often experience difficulties: mentors do not have enough time; geographical distance makes it difficult to stay in touch; the number of youth interested in participating in such a program is far greater than the number of interested mentors.


Benefits for our partners at Youthlinks 

Experience shows that the employees of our corporate partners who participate as mentors in the platform are more motivated and more loyal to the company after participating in such a program. Youthlinks enables them to support young people in their own country, but also allows them to connect with young people from other countries who do not have access to skills development opportunities. Mentor employees can enrich their digital skills and gain additional knowledge in their respective professional fields.

Youthlinks provides an opportunity for companies to supplement their corporate social strategy and strengthen their presence outside Bulgaria.

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