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New Social service "Support for Independent Living" 

The service will be introduced in the cities of Sofia, Pernik, Veliko Turnovo and Gabrovo. Support for young people leaving different forms of alternative care, including those for children and young people with disabilities, as well as young people who have already left care no more than two years ago.


Basic principles for support:


  • Individual Support Package a


Each young person, together with a person from the project team, identifies the key needs of the youth and develops a plan for meeting them. The involvement of the applicant for the support of a young person is crucial. A support contract is signed between the Association and the applicant young person. The individual support package is designed to provide an increasing degree of autonomy over time.


The individual support package may include activities in the following several categories:


1. Social and psychological counseling;


2. Consultation with a lawyer;


3. Health care - includes funds for medical and dental services not provided through the NHIF;


4. Support for education;


- aid for the completion of secondary education;

- professional consulting;

- professional qualification courses;

- courses according to personal interests and development plans: language, arts, IT skills, etc.


5. Support for the payment of the initial rent of a dwelling;


6. Support and support for the exercise of the rights of young people in different institutions.


  • Involvement of young people in developing a plan for independence


Young people applying for support for the project take an active part and motivate their needs and desires regarding the activities it wants to undertake in order to ensure a smooth transition to an independent lifestyle. The project team focuses specifically on the participation of young people in the selection of supportive activities, because we view them as full-fledged, developing personalities who are active and responsible for their development and future.





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